Hair Extensions

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Instant Hair for Brides

We see so many Brides every season wanting just a little longer or thicker hair, but your growing it out only for the wedding so you don't want to be committed to hundreds of dollars in extensions when you know already you want to cut it off 2 weeks after the big day! 

PAUSE Short Story Time:  One of our stylists knows this first hand. We are going to share the short vision .... 2  years of engagement time for her to grow her hair, 4 packs of tape in extensions was what she had to work with wedding day. Well, Wedding came, she had AMAZING AMAZING hair! Then she went on her 9 day honeymoon had her gorgeous long lush hair on her mexico cruise... She cut her hair 11 days after her wedding back to how she likes her hair... Short, like hardly dusting her shoulders short!! She loved her hair, and we LOVE extensions for making picture perfect hairstyles for you wedding day. But, long story short, THERE is different not so costly don't have to feel guilty about 11 days post wedding never putting them back in choices!  Now you don't have to commit to infused, heated, beaded, taped hair!

Instant hair now days is amazing with SO many opinions. We would love to show you and discuss options for you. 










Extension Consultation​

Interested in long luxorious hair?

Not sure what type of extensions you would like or what would be best for your hair and lifestyle? Not a problem! Come and meet your stylist and receive the best hair extension consultation ever! 

You will get to not only see the different kinds of hair we stock, but feel the bonds and hair so you can choose the best type for you! 

 When it comes to extensions, it is very important to be well educated! They take a lot of home (you) care to stay beautiful and full and we want to make sure your end result is what you desired (and expected)

Schedule your extension consultation today to get yourself fuller, longer hair!

Make sure you arrive at the appointment with your hair styled how you wear it most days, that way we can pick the best style for your lifestyle.

29 colors in 4 different types of extensions available:

2 types of instant hair- clip in and halo

20" wavy, straight, curly tape-in or micro-beaded extensions.

Hair purchased at consultation then

Installment appointment will be made to achieve your gorgeous locks. 

Extension Experience

Priced at $40.00 per hour.

At this appointment you will be charged hourly for the services of:

Hair installment / Hair fitting lesson (instant hair)

Hair cut (blending)

Blow out shine of hair (makes it look like your real hair straight out of the package)

Styling (curls / braid )

This service can take anywhere from 1 - 4 hours depending on the style of installment you chose.  

Extension Refresh​

Price at $30.00 per hour.

Tape in - every 6 - 8 weeks

I tip - every 4 - 6 weeks

At this service we will need to take out all the hair and refresh the i-tip beads or tape. If we don't happen to have left over hair from the installment, I suggest sometime after the appointment we order you an extra bundle of hair. This way when you come to your future refresh appointments we have hair to work with based on wear and self-care of your extensions.

You want to schedule this when you first start to feel like the hair is - starting to become noticeable, starting to fall out, or starting to knot at the root between extensions.

If your hair grows fast you may have to do it sooner with tape-ins

Please Note - Extension Hair is in no way included in the $30.00 per hour cost. The hair has it's own cost that must be paid  in full before the hair will be ordered for your appointment. Hair can take 4-6 buisness days to arrive so be sure you're booking your consultation appointment out far enough. 

THIS IS INFORMATION FOR TAPE -IN AND MICROBEADED HAIR: The cost of hair can vary - each head of hair takes 5- 6 bundles of extension hair. 

Please note there is a 15% investment fee added to the  on the cost of the hair, We do the consult where we color match, love at every different option, . After your first appointment they are stored away together safely until your refresh appointment. 

The cost of hair can vary from $250 - $450 depending on fullness, the amount of hair and colors of hair needed ordering.