Frequently Asked Questions 

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Do you have a larger portfolio for me to look at?

You can see all of Say I Do Formal Hair's portfolio at:

Do you have any reviews from past clients I can read please?

Yes! To check out our reviews please feel free to head over to our Facebook page which can be found at -

Weddingwire reviews -

How do we move forward booking Say I Do for my wedding day?   

             Step 1: Submit your wedding details through our contact form on the website. From there you will receive an email with a custom quote based on the details and information you provided. Even if we are not available on the date in which you're inquiring for, we will still respond to your enquiry. 

Step 2: If we are available for your big day we will let you know and send you an information pack and move forward from there!!!

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Do you require a deposit?

Say I Do Formal Hair does not require a deposit but we do have a service contract that secures your date. The only cost do before the wedding is any travel investment cost due at least 15 days prior to wedding- this investment is non-refundable.  

I am not sure I want to book yet, I know my agreement and deposit holds my date, will you reach out to me if you have another inquiry for my date?

Due to our high demand this isn’t a request that I can accommodate, but please feel free to reach back out once you have made a decision and I’ll gladly let you know our availability.

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How do you determine if my party will need a 2nd / 3rd or 4th artist?

This one is honestly based on each individual wedding design and need, but guided by:

Any party more than 8 clients will automatically be booked with 2 stylists.

Headcount: What? Who? How many? When?

Your contract does specify that you and all "clients" ie. Mothers, attendees, maids, and so on; are contracted in on your date. That is correct. Once you sign the contract … no one else can book your date, you can have a rough count of your party at this point. However,  32 days before your wedding a final headcount is due. This is the date that's important for the other ladies because moving forward those accounted for services are "included in your contract."

                - If someone on your wedding day for whatever reason decides to forego their service they or you are still 100% responsible for 100 % of the agreed upon service total. If you can find somebody to take their place this is absolutely fine. 

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What is a Pretrial ? When should I book? 

I do strongly recommend every bride book a pretrial before her big day. We practice your wedding look to make sure we can achieve your dream.

These trials are only available for brides. 

How do I book my pretrial?

I'll attach my link to my square calendar. Here you can book your trial  anytime!!! We recommend you wait until 3 -8 weeks before the wedding.

- Click Pre-Ceremony Trial as the service.

- Click book appointment and pick a date/time that works for you.